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Make Your Early Sponsor Pledge Now, Deadline is January 8th!

As we wind down holiday festivities with our families and friends, we are reminded of the many families who are experiencing great struggles instead of the great joys of the season. For over 30 years, you have helped us provide love, support and hope to hundreds of families enduring the heartache of caring for a child with cancer.

The annual Friendship Ball is our primary source of funds, making the work we do possible. Without our wonderful sponsors and patrons, we would never be able to pull it off! This year, in order to celebrate our dedicated supporters, we want to include the names of our premier sponsors and patrons on the 2016 invitation. It’s a quick, easy way to show your support to the foundation and get your family or business name out there before the Ball!

Our printer has us on a deadline, though, so we don’t have time to waste! If you want to be included as a premier sponsor or patron on our invitation, get us your pledge of support by Friday, January 8th! All we need is a pledge! We’ll follow-up later about details later.

Click here for more information about our honorees, the late Joseph J. Coffey and Joseph P. Coppotelli.

Get your first check off on your 2016 resolution list!

We hope to see you on at The Pierre Hotel on Friday, February 26th, 2016!

Tickets are now available!


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