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Helping Families

Charlotte says thank you!

In March of 2021, this beautiful little 6 year old girl was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor. She had a year of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and completed her treatment this past February. So far her scans have been clear and we pray they will continue to be good for the next several years. In the meantime, in true childhood hope and enthusiasm, she’s enjoying 1st grade and is participating in soccer and gymnastics.


Your support helped this family with their car payments which took a little financial pressure off their plates and ensured getting Charlotte back and forth to Cohen Children's at Northwell Health.

The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation was able to help the Schaefer family following their son Aiden's diagnosis with leukemia. Your continued support of the Foundation, and your incredible generosity at our events year round, helps us ensure that we never have to say no to a family like the Schaefers.

We first met the McCormack Family shortly after their ten-year old son, Sean McCormack, was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma in July 2012.


The first few months of Sean’s illness were some of the most challenging that the family has ever faced, as they dealt with the physical, emotional and financial realities of Sean’s illness. Sean and his family have been staying strong and positive throughout, and grateful that it appears that his bone marrow transplant was considered a success.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation is happy to be able to provide financial and emotional support to Sean and his family during this trying time, and send him best wishes on his road to recovery.


Click here to see Sean speak at our 2015 Annual Friendship Ball.

When Sarah Lyne was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor, her family struggled to keep up their their monthly household expenses due to the mounting costs of Sarah’s medical treatment.


They were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, work was slow for Rich Lyne and Jill, Sarah’s mom, had to leave work to care for Sarah. The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation was glad to be able to provide some support to the Lyne family during this challenging time and all are thrilled and forever grateful that Sarah is now on the path to recovery.

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