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A Mom Says Thank You

How can a little 16-month-old baby be diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer? We are sorry to say, we hear this news almost every month of the year. We are so thankful to be able to share Liam's success story with you.

Liam was diagnosed in July of 2017 with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cancer, barely 4 months after he celebrated his first birthday.

Liam is still on treatment which has made him very immunocompromised and requires close supervision for infection and sepsis - all of which he endured over these past four years. He is scheduled to finish active treatment at the end of October and despite so many setbacks and challenges, has overcome and continues to rally on his road to recovery.

Liam's mom is a single parent and the sole provider. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our loyal donors, the foundation has been able to cover many months of his family’s rent, and help their family through a particularly challenging year.

Liam’s mom sent this lovely note to us last month and asked to share it with our donors:

I am very thankful for Frances Pope Foundation for always helping us with our needs, especially with rent. I am a single parent and I am the only one who cares for my little boy. It’s very hard to provide for him when I am in school full time. I try to work, but that has been particularly difficult with the virus. This has been by far the hardest time in my life.

You guys have always been there to help us to get through these tough times with Liam’s cancer. We are so grateful for all that you’ve helped us with. Liam continues to be in active treatment but thank God he is still with us till this day and I know he will thrive in the future.

Thank you for all that you do,

Liam’s mom,


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