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JUSTIFY WINS!! And so did we!!

On Saturday, May 5th, the Frances Pope Circle of Friends gathered at Bobby Vans CPS to celebrate the Kentucky Derby and dedicate their afternoon to helping our F.P.M.F. moms and dads. Cancer keeps too many of our kids in a hospital away from home and loved ones, and that means mom or dad sleeps there too. And whether you plan to be there - or not - sleeping in a chair in a medical institution can really take it out of you. Imagine having to do your laundry and take a shower in the I.C.U.

So for the second year in a row, and just in time for Mother's Day, our amazing volunteers reached out to our dentists, dermatologists, beauty consultants, and even our local Target! Everyone rallied for neck pillows, shampoo, face wash, toothbrushes and paste, eye masks, deodorant and body wash... we even had notebooks and pens so our parents could take notes while speaking with their medical team.

We assembled all donations into 50 beautiful "TLC totes" to deliver to our partner hospitals for Mother's and Father's Days. These moms and dads know that the Circle of Friends has their back - even if they've never met us before! Our first delivery was last Friday and the gratitude we received from our parents and social workers was humbling.

Of course we showed the Derby that day, and of course we wore hats, and had a few mint juleps... but really, thanks to our Circle of Friends, we made a difference in the lives of people who are going through a really rough time - and for that we must say THANK YOU!

Justify won the Derby that day. But our Frances Pope families won too.

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