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In Memory of Our Dear Friend, Mary Neary

The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation, our friends and our families said goodbye to our one and only Mary Neary this summer. She left a void that will simply never be filled. Larger than life. Adventurous. Fearless and fun. From the earliest days, Mary dedicated herself tirelessly to our mission in so many ways, serving as our Event Chair and as our Family Advocate. She brought her style, her wit and her vision to our Annual Friendship Ball, making it the event we all look forward to each year. But more importantly, Mary brought her compassion, her strength and her hope to our families, developing personal relationships with many over the years and standing by their sides through their ordeals.

Mary was steadfastly proud of the work she was able to do for our families, saying, “We take care of things no one else takes care of,” while allowing our families to maintain their dignity, pride and, many times, their homes. She would often very humbly say that she was the lucky one because she was a part of a wonderful Circle of Friends who always opened their hearts, and their pocketbooks, for the kids of the Frances Pope Foundation. Mary loved The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation, she loved The Annual Friendship Ball, and she loved the children she famously referred to as “her angels.” In Mary’s honor, we have renamed the Heritage of Hope Award the Mary Neary Heritage of Hope Award, as she served as the beacon of hope for our families for so many years.

Mary, we love you. Thank you.

And we will never, ever forget you.

Want to honor Mary Neary at our 2016 Friendship Ball?

Test your luck with Mary's Give a Kid a Chance Super Raffle!


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