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Meet Our 2015 Men of the Year, Timothy D. and Timothy H. Delaney

This year, we were pleased to present our 2015 Men of the Year, father and son Timothy D. Delaney and Timothy H. Delaney.

Tim D., founder and Senior Vice President of Lancer Insurance Company, has been an ardent supporter of Frances Pope since our inception in 1982. His eldest son, Tim H., Chief Marketing Officer at Lancer Insurance, shares his father's generosity and has already proven eager to carry on the family tradition of support. It is this spirit of giving that has allowed our small foundation to not only uphold our mission, but to grow and respond to the needs of more and more families facing the struggles of caring for a sick child.

Timothy D. Delaney is the oldest of three boys raised by Dave and Eileen Delaney. His parents were both from Brooklyn Irish American families. Tim was raised in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach attending Good Shepherd Grammar School in Marine Park and Brooklyn Prep High School. Following in his father Dave’s footsteps, Tim graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point) in 1972 and went straight into the Merchant Marines sailing for various tanker and steamship companies around the world.

In 1975, he began his insurance career in marine hull insurance at Frank B. Hall and Company in New York City followed by several years at American Risk Management During this time, Tim did his graduate studies (MBA) at Farleigh Dickinson University and received his professional designation “Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter” (CPCU) in 1977.

In December 1979, Tim along with his brother, Dave, formed their own reinsurance brokerage business starting with no capital and one assistant. That business grew rapidly, and in 1982, Dave and Tim raised a modest amount of capital for their own insurance company, Lancer Insurance. Over the years they have diversified into many areas of transportation and today, Lancer is the largest specialty insurer of commercial auto in the U.S. with roughly 600 million in assets, annual revenues of 275 million, 11 offices, and 500 employees. Still owned and operated by the two brothers, the company insures over 105,000 vehicles every year.

Tim is active in several local and national charities. He is the proud father of four children; Tim, Alice, Eileen, and Patrick and has one grandson, Cillian Patrick. He has been married to his lovely wife, Joan, for twenty-eight years.

Timothy H. Delaney is the first born of four the Delaney children. His first 10 years were spent in Belle Harbor, NY and then he moved out to what some say is Long Island’s best-kept secret, Point Lookout, NY.

Young Tim is a graduate of Chaminade High School and Boston College (Wallace E. Carroll School of Management). Like his father and uncle before him, he started his career in insurance with Besso Limited, a Lloyds of London broker, shortly after graduation. He moved on to AIG in New York in various capacities, including enjoying San Francisco for two years as a Regional Manager.

He spent two more years in New York with AIG and in 2008, joined Ironshore Insurance as Vice President of Management Liability. He left Ironshore as Senior Vice President of Management Liability in August of 2012 to join his father and uncle at Lancer Insurance Company, where he serves as Chief Marketing Officer.

Tim H. and Kimberly Eileen Jamin were married in September of 2013. Kimberly is a lifetime resident of Breezy Point and an insurance broker at Aon, PLC. Kim and Tim have no children yet, but at last count there were 14 nieces and nephews between the two sides of the family. The Delaneys are a fine clan who seem to love insurance, the ocean, and the beach!! And more importantly, they are a fine clan who gladly share their good fortune with those in need.

We are proud to honor Timothy D., who helped us reach our 33rd anniversary, and to applaud young Tim, who represents the young leaders and friends who will help us to continue our mission for another 33 years.

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