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Meet Our 2014 Man and Woman of the Year!

Terence Greene is a native Brooklynite, born and raised in Park Slope and life long summer resident of Breezy Point. He is the youngest of Mary and Edward’s 5 children, Thomas, Elizabeth, Edmund, Catherine, and last, but certainly not least, Terence, better known to us as, Terry.

Terry is a graduate of Xavier High School in Manhattan and received his BA from Villanova University. He started his career as a marine insurance adjuster at WK Webster, however, he had his eye on the finance market, and he took a position as a clerk at Liberty Brokers. It was the right move; he has been in the world of finance for over 21 years and is presently Vice President of the REPO desk at ICAP.

Terry and his lovely wife, Kerry, have been married for14 years. They reside in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with their three children, Shannon Rose, age 13, Shane Christopher, age 11, and Sharlotte Lynn, age 7.

Terry has been a long time supporter of The Frances Pope Foundation. He is one of those “count me in” guys… He is there for the Ball - no blizzard can stop him, he is there for the golf – rain or shine. If you need something done, Terry is your “go-to” guy - no fanfare, it’s just done. Behind that mischievous, endearing smile, is a very big heart. We are proud that Terence is our 2014 “Man of the Year” and we embrace his positive approach to life.

Joanie Nolan is one of the many greats who hail from Woodside, Queens, and who is always there to help when there is a need, whether that need is short term or long term. She is a woman of commitment!!

She is a graduate of Northeastern University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and Speech Pathology and Audiology. Joanie remained in Boston for several years, launching her first career in the medical field working in kidney dialysis. Upon her return to her native Woodside, she moved into the world of telecommunications, always closely linked with Verizon. She worked first as a Sales Manger for Verizon Wireless in their Business Division and for the last fourteen years, has managed the Verizon Account in New York State for the Tyco Electronics Connectivity Division.

Joanie has supported the Frances Pope Foundation since near its inception, along with her mother, Mary Neary, and sisters, Mary Lou Steincke and Jackie Ceonzo. Whether Joanie is selling raffle tickets, manning our auction table or organizing our volunteers – her enthusiasm, commitment, humor and genuine warm dedication is irrepressible. We are truly proud to be honoring Joanie Nolan as our 2014 "Woman of the Year!"

She resides in Atlantic Beach with her husband of nineteen years, Dennis Nolan, aka, the nicest guy in America!!

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