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The Andrew Baeumler Technology Program

The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation is proud to support The Andrew Baeumler Technology Program at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Established in 1999, this program, named in memory of teenager Andrew Baeumler, affords pediatric oncology patients the opportunity to use computers and explore the Internet during their often long, and often lonely, hospital stays. The children use the access to communicate with other children and share their experiences, both within and outside the hospital. For two long and difficult years, Andrew Baeumler was one of “our kids.” His love of computers helped him divert his pain and allowed him to connect with others, continue to learn, and even dabble in his favorite hobbies, such as trading comics and baseball cards. Technology was especially valuable during treatments that required stays in the isolation unit, offering companionship and comfort during an otherwise very lonely time. 


We are happy that our support has allowed the program to develop and expand over the years. From creating a unique and interactive pediatric CCTV show aimed at school age patients to supporting a teen iPad program, opportunities for the patients to experience normalized interactions with their peers is on the rise. The patients and families rely on the technology resources and knowledge provided to maintain and promote strong family support lines and much needed peer and sibling interactions. 


An example of the growth can be seen in the expansion of the very popular “Mission:Minecraft,” a TV game show created as part of The Andrew Baeumler

Technology Program that allows patients to call in and, working with other callers and patients in their rooms, complete various challenges. A recent development in this department is the iBook called "What it's like:Sickle Cell" which was developed in collaboration between Lu Borges, Technology Coordinator and Morgan Stojanowski, Hematology/Oncology Child Life Specialist. This iBook is a modern and clinically sound teaching resource that helps patients become more informed of their diagnosis through a visual interactive video.

We also help support the KidZone TV studio where Child Life Specialists and Musical therapists hosts three live shows a day, where kids can call, participate and run a show! This is a very special place of discovery, exploration and collaboration. The KidZone TV allows children to interact with technology from the comfort of their hospital beds.


We are happy to announce that, this year, we have contributed an additional $30,000 in funding to support the continued success of the Technology Program as they work towards improving and developing new programs, such as the “Mobile Me” outreach program that will give patients the opportunity to turn the cameras back onto themselves and share their stories.   


Although our foundation receives the credit, it is really you, our faithful donors, who have made Andrew’s dream a reality! Find out how you can become a donor here or find more information about this wonderful program here.

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