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Social Worker Testimonials


"The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation began assisting our families throughout the lengthy chemotherapy and radiation treatments to cover household expenses, such as mortgage, rent, utilities, and travel to and from treatment centers. In pediatrics the entire family is affected by cancer. Parents usually lose pay from work due to the need for extended time off to take their child to and from treatments and to stay in hospital whenever their child is admitted for treatment. Consequently, an agency like the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation becomes an active partner in caring for the patient and family dealing with pediatric cancer. I am so honored to work with Mary, Serena and the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation. Without this partnership, the road for families with children suffering from pediatric cancer would be so much harder." 

Ingrid McFarlane  Division of Hematology/Oncology at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen's Children's Medical Center of New York.

“One of my biggest challenges is finding community resources available to assist families in this economic climate. This is especially true for those families whose children are ill for many years. For this reason I am so grateful to have The Frances Pope Foundation available to help.  When families are desperate to maintain themselves or even to bury their child, I turn to the Frances Pope Foundation. Please know that money is not sent just because I ask for it. The family is contacted directly to make certain the need is justified. This is important for donors to know. Every donated dollar is offered only when the need is confirmed.” 

Nancy Barback Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center, North Shore, LIJ Hospital System.

"I have worked in pediatrics for over 9 years here at MSCHONY.  I feel very fortunate to have experienced a broad range of situations, challenges, hopes and emotions throughout my time here.  I have seen children recover from medical crises and be cured and have supported families in times of loss and grief.  All the while I am in awe of the strength and perseverence of these families.  I just feel so grateful to be able to play a small part by offering myself and our resources.

I like to think of us as being the member of the team that deals with all the other stuff that comes up along the way.  We are the go-to people, whether it be for insurance questions, financial assistance, help with schooling, community resources and most importantly (to me) a person to listen without judgement.  Families comes to us with a whole world of life before a diagnosis.  We are here to receive that and help them incorporate it into their new world of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and thereafter.

Frances Pope Foundation has been a tremendous resource to our families in a time of extreme crisis and need.  Having direct access to this foundation has allowed us to resolve financial issues in a timely manner, which makes all the difference."

Karen Turi, New York Presbyterian Hospital

"When a child is diagnosed with a chronic, life-threatening illness like cancer, the entire family is affected. The impact of such a diagnosis is stressful and can be overwhelming. As senior social worker, my main focus is to address the emotional, practical and financial needs of children with cancer and their families. In many respects, my job is to serve as a bridge between the physicians and the family, as a bridge between the family and organizations that provide families with a variety of services and resources. For example, in response to families in need of financial assistance, I can link families to organizations such as the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation for direct aid. When our Hassenfeld families address such a crisis (as a diagnosis), it is important to have the resources, responsiveness and care that are so generously offered by the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation to help sustain our families. What is extremely unique about this foundation is the caring outreach and timely personal response that the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation provides. Hassenfeld is grateful to the Foundation for the tremendous support it has given to many of our children and families in their time of need!

Patrica-Ryan-Johnson, NYU Langone Medical Center, Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.




"To me the social worker is the much needed "bridge" between the physician the patient and family. Also social workers serve as communicators, educators, mentors and are an invaluable resource to resolve both financial and emotional issues in the time of crisis. We are specialists who help children and families to cope with the day to day challenges of cancer whether by providing emotional support, advocacy, case management or counselling, we are there to help. 

I would like to thank all the people who make the work of the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation possible. They have been able to help me help families who cannot get help anywhere else."

Erin Lauinger, NYU Langone Medical Center, Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

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