Our Vision

The Frances Pope Memorial Foundation strives to offer financial and emotional support to families dealing with the challenges of a sick child.

  • We never want to have to say no to any family in need and will not add to the family’s burden with time-consuming paperwork.

  • We aspire to make every day of a family’s battle easier for them by offering programs designed to restore sense of normality and improve quality of life.

  • We stick with our families through the duration of the child’s illness and onto recovery.

  • We steadfastly support the medical community, social workers and the next generation of pediatric oncologists.

  • We will never lose appreciation for the generosity of our donors and volunteers. They are the lifeblood of our organization.

How We Work

The money we raise through our Circle of Friends helps to pay expenses associated with caring for children with cancer that are not covered by insurance and attempts to respond to the unique needs of each individual family. Expenses can include travel, accommodations and living costs for families receiving medical care when away from home. In some cases, we pay for other costs to ensure families can continue to make ends meet, such as childcare for siblings, or even car or mortgage payments.


We also fund the Andrew Baeumler Technology Program at Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital, designed to enhance quality of life for pediatric patients during their fight.  For more information, click here. In addition, we support the medical community by contributing to other important causes and initiatives.


Amidst thousands of wonderful organizations doing important work, the Frances Pope Memorial Foundation contributes in its own unique way. We are not large, nor are we conventional, but together, our growing Circle of Friends gives love, hope and support to families facing unthinkable circumstances.



Thank you for helping us help our families!
Board of Directors

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